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Empty Nest

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

One day, you're changing diapers and cleaning bottles. Next, you're picking up kids from afterschool Academic team or band practice. Before you know it, one has graduated college and gone off to grad school out of state while the "baby" is almost out of college herself.

You spend so much time being the cheerleader, the nurse, the teacher, the cook, the housekeeper, the confidante; all rolled into one cherished, tiny word: Mom. A word I will forever be grateful for, a title I will forever be blessed with've been so busy in charge of their lives, making sure they're eating, making sure their homework is done, making sure they're ready for that big test, making sure their forehead isn't warm to the touch, and one day, they don't need Mom so much anymore. It hurts BUT you've prepared them for this moment; to be independent, to venture out into the world, to start their own journey, just don't forget...Mom.

And what does Mom do...she gets a dog.

And Mom starts to feel a little better, and smile, and her days are filled with crazy little doggy shenanigans; quirky little stampings of the back foot when he wants attention, standing on his back feet and begging with his front, preening when he's called "Handsome", and constantly checking the perimeter for dangerous, ninja squirrels.

Later, the daughters start to comment how much the dog seems to be loved, and how come Mom didn't pick up the phone when it rang? And why is Mom on her social media so much?

Mom decided to start her own small business. She's busy once again. The daughters will always be her babies but she now has 2 additional babies to nourish and develop: her precious dog and her soon-to-be thriving business. Mom likes to stay positive about the future; but no matter what, Mom will always be here.

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