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Entrepreneurial Kids

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

As parents, what we want most out of life is to see our children grow up happy, healthy, and successful. My husband and I are blessed to have young adult kids with strong work ethics. Whether watching from afar or speaking to them daily, we will always support their decisions and love them, as long as they’re happy. That being said, I wanted to take the opportunity to promote their sites on my platform. Three of our four children are small business owners while the youngest is a senior in college.

Starting with our oldest, Kiley; she started a beautiful online boutique this year with high quality clothing at affordable pricing. I shop here constantly and love every piece I’ve ordered, from tops to jewelry! All items are beautifully wrapped when shipped and she always adds complimentary goodies! This site is worth checking out! She is always adding new inventory and features size small to plus!

Next is Matt. He’s been in the shoe business almost a decade. He buys, sells, and trades quality sneakers. He sells vintage up to the most current line of sneakers. You may even find him set up on display at sneaker shows and events. I don’t think you’ll find anyone more knowledgeable in the business! If you’re looking for those amazing or hard to find Air Force Ones or Yeezy’s, you’re going to want to contact Matt!

Lastly, Emily opened her Etsy shop recently. She previously had a successful photography business with a large customer base, when she attended the University of Kentucky; but, now she’s at IU and starting over she decided to take photos and bring them to life digitally. She’s an Art student and has always drawn, photographed, painted, etc… her works of art are inspiring and would make beautiful gifts. She does custom work and is quick to respond, so reach out today or check out her Etsy page!

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